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Jesus Came to Give Us Life

Easter tells us that the pain that so ravages people will one day give way to full and final healing for those who believe. There is hope for those who suffer. God has visited us in our pain and Jesus has defeated the ugly death that haunts the human experience.

Share God's Love This Maundy Thursday

As Christians everywhere honor Christ’s death and celebrate the resurrection, we would do well to remember first and foremost His holy command, that we love one another. While Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday garnish the lion share of our attention, bypassing Maundy Thursday, we miss something that matters. Love.

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Jesus Is the Way to Live a Full Life

Real Christianity is not merely a religion; it is a relationship with a Person. It is an intimate love relationship with God. Through this relationship God reveals His will and invites you to join Him where He is at work.

The Story of Experiencing God

When people truly experience the living God, they tell everybody what He's done in their lives. Many have come to faith in Christ through the Experiencing God Bible study. Others have experienced healing and the abundant life Jesus came to give.